The QINGDAO(nese) FYI poll results are in.

When it comes to staying warm in Qingdao during winter, people like to escape the cold by heading south. With a total of 36 voters, the top answer to this FYI poll was ‘Go South’, with 28% of the total, or 10 Votes. Full poll results are listed below. Please vote on the new poll and let us know which holiday you’ll be enjoying in Qingdao.

“Best way to stay warm during Winter?”

Go South

10 Votes / 28%

Tsingtao Insulation

7 Votes / 19%

Cocoa, Coffee, Cha

6 Votes / 17%

Municipal Heat

6 Votes / 17%

Bundle Up

4 Votes / 11%


3 Votes / 8%

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