The QINGDAO(nese) FYI poll results are in.

When it comes to choosing the best district in Qingdao, people still prefer the area along the coast from Old Town to Qingdao University, Shinan (City South/市南). Shinan district is home to the old and new Qingdao city government buildings, May 4th Square, Badaguan, all of the numbered beaches, and the downtown concentration of office blocks and supermarkets. With a total of 53 voters, the top answer to this FYI poll was ‘Shinan’, with 36% of the total, or 19 Votes. Full poll results are listed below. Please vote on the new poll and let us know how you like to keep warm during Winter.

“Which is the best Qingdao district?”


19 Votes / 36%


14 Votes / 26%


8 Votes / 15%


4 Votes / 8%


4 Votes / 8%


3 Votes / 6%


1 Vote / 1%

Photo Credit @ Maple in Autumn

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