Fu Sheng De has been selling tea in Qingdao for over 70 years. The shop is on the ground floor of an historical building at the corner of Cangkou Lu and Zhongshan Lu, just north of the flyover footbridge at Jiaozhou Lu. Fu Sheng De offers all kinds of Chinese tea – oolong, jasmine, pu’er, and a local favorite, Laoshan green. The shop also sells tea pots and implements used in making and serving tea.

Looking for a place to purchase tea and tea pots in Qingdao? Check out Fu Sheng De on Zhongshan Lu, est. 1939.

Fu Sheng De is on the northern end of Zhongshan Lu near Qingdao’s liyuan (check around Sifang Lu and Haipo Lu), the famous/infamous Jimo Lu Market (a magnet for shopping enthusiasts and copycat aficionados), and the re-developed Guantao Lu area (commercial street purported to be a modern recreation of bygone colonial days).

Tea Qingdao Fu Sheng De

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Image Credit @ Canton Tea Co (main) and oolong (Fu Sheng De bldg)

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