Under The Banyan Tree: Folk Music On The Road” is the slogan for this tour of some of China’s best folk musicians. Appearing at the SY Theater on May 22 is an ensemble of very talented performers including Chuan Zi, Ma Tiao, Zhou Yun Peng, Shen Qing, and Wan Xiaoli. Many of these musicians played at Freeman Bar last year in one the best folk performances ever witnessed in Qingdao. If you like traditional music, you will love these guys. Brought to you by the folks at Super 8 Hotels and 13 Month Music.

When: May 22, 7:00 pm
Venue: SY Theater / 青岛SY实验剧场
Location: 26 Shunxing Lu / 顺兴路26号
Tickets: 120 yuan (RMB) / 票价: 120元
More Info: 8383.1883

“We smile
Want to stay in place
Do not know
Time of the flood swept away confused us relentlessly
When we experienced the baptism of these years
Vicissitudes of human life
May have recalled that years of wandering and melancholy under the banyan tree
A kind of happy memory
It inadvertently hit a youth on the chord
Past the sun is expected to open eyes
Illuminate the night road guide the direction of the warm
People who pass by
Flowers that brightly blaze occurred in their life
Becoming all about you and me
Present and the future
My love blossom from the seeds of Love
Keep the story quiet securely
And continue to play back in
That year
Under the Banyan Tree”

Photo Credit @ He Qi

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