Ok, so it’s summer again and the facekini trend is back on Qingdao beaches.

Somehow it seems this angle on Qingdao has been reported a bit much, but hey, we are doing it here anyway. Check out the latest from the blogosphere on a slightly ghastly facial apparatus. Mexican big time wrestlers ain’t got nothing on these mamas. Sheesh, talk about saving face…

The Daily Mail explains:
“Summer has hit China’s east coast and people from the big cities have flocked to seaside resorts such as Qingdao to try and keep cool.

The design has been credited for being better than factor 50 for sun protection and will also prevent the wearer from being stung by jellyfish.”

Qingdao facekini on beach

Shanghaiist also checked in on this year’s model:
“Many netizens on Weibo have apparently grown accustomed to the sight of the “face-kinis,” commenting more on the crowds and the heat:

“Look at how dirty the beach is! I would prefer my bathroom to this public beach!” one wrote.

“You call 30 degrees Celsius hot? How about 40 degrees in Xi’an?” another chimed in.

Which makes sense because the “face-kini” has been a popular trend for quite some time now. Each summer, it returns again to shock the public.”

So, if nothing else, get thee to the beachery and check out something that probably won’t even be the weirdest thing you’ve seen that day, but anyway.

Carry on.

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