For the past few years, the buildings facing Qingdao’s May 4th Square have been displaying neon colored light images featuring company and event logos to promote events like the Olympics in Qingdao. Now that the Expo is looming on the horizon in 2014 (tagline: “From the earth, for the Earth”), there’s been a new round of municipally sponsored visions illuminating the evening along the coast in downtown Qingdao. Next time you’re down on Donghai Lu at night, check out the lights with Qingqing, the official mascot of the Qingdao Expo 2014.

More on the LED from the Expo 14 website:

Walking around the May Fourth Square in Qingdao, one can’t fail to notice the emblem of Expo 2014 and Qingqing the mascot in colorful LED lights shining on the walls of seashore buildings against the night sky. To beautify the night of the city, Illumination Project started last year around the Olympic Sailing Center and its surrounding areas. Images such as mascot Qingqing, the Expo emblem and floret bean were added. With various LED landscape lamps and searchlights, Fushan Bay is particularly charming in the evening.

A new tourist attraction, Expo 2014 is further promoted in the new round of municipal illumination upgrade with Expo elements added to lighting facilities, and LED landscape lights installed on high-rises near the May Fourth Square and Music Square. Looking north from the walkway along the seashore, pedestrians will see lights in shapes of waving Qingqing, animated floret beans and static Expo emblem. Gigantic screens as high as tens of meters are striking; passers-by cannot but admire this magic in the night. Perfect combination of Expo elements and the Illumination Project not only adds color to the night sky of this prosperous city, but also drives home the image and concept of Expo 2014.

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