Check out the plans for the Conservatory at the 2014 Qingdao Horticulture Expo. The winning design by HKS Architects, a Dallas, Texas based firm, will house three biomes – alpine, desert and subtropical. The 24,000 + sqm building will remain on site indefinitely as a tourist attraction after the close of the Expo in October, 2014 in Laoshan (Qingdao).

More info on the Qingdao Expo plans by HKS Architects:

The canopies are designed with ETFE, a strong polymer which transmits light better than glass, provides insulation and is also incredibly lightweight, meaning that the long spans require a minimal amount of structure. It is framed by a perforated metal skin, which, like leaves, provide resources such as mechanical and electrical functions to the various biomes. The entrance hall features a bamboo structure and gradually reveals the outdoor landscape.

The Conservatory is one of the few buildings that will remain beyond the 2014 Horticulture Expo and was designed to provide a visual harmony with its context. HKS designed the building to be a modern example of sustainable living – a lesson within the architecture. The education center provides visitors with insight into materials, light and air quality, heat generation, electrical demand, water irrigation, efficiency of organized architectural space and how the plants within the biomes can be recycled as biomass for fuel when their lifespan runs out.

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Image Credit @ Arch Daily via HKS

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