Hey folks, after a MONSTER weekend beach party, here’s a look at what’s going on at Carnegie’s Qingdao from March 18th to the 24th, 2013. Check out events like Beer Pong, Thursday night Pub Quiz (with 2 for 1 pizzas), Ladies Night, and Sunday night hockey :). Please check out Carnegie’s on FB and Weibo.

Venue: Carnegie’s Bar & Restaurant / 青岛卡内基
Address: Zhonglian Plaza, 147 Ningxia Lu / 宁夏路147号,中联广场101
Info: Julian@carnegies.net


Pool night: Come try our pool table in our 2nd floor VIP room for free! (1 hour limit per party)


Burger night: 2 for 1 burgers all night long. Come try the best burger in Qingdao, then take one home for free!


Pasta night: 30% off all pasta dishes. Our new chef Yang makes a fantastic lasagne, hmmmm…. cheesy goodness, Garfield would be proud!


Mind Over Matter Quiz Night: Quench your thirst for trivia with our weekly pub quiz! We’ve got all kinds of categories such as history, science, pop culture. We’ll be handing out prizes every week and it’s free to play, so call up your geekiest friends (6 per team maximum) and come on down!
Week 3 champs “Pierce & Torque” won yet again last week, their third win in a row! Newcomers “The Cockblockers” came in second to win the infamous “bag of crap”. Expat-Rageous is still in first for the season-ending all-you-can-drink victory party, but it’s not over yet!

Be sure to check out www.facebook.com/CarnegiesQingdao to be the first to answer our lightning question. The question will be posted sometime between Monday the 18th and Wednesday the 20th, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Be the first to answer and win a free Qingdao before you even sit down!

The quiz starts at 8pm sharp, so don’t be late!

Pizza night: 2 for 1 pizzas all night long! If you haven’t had our pizza yet, this is the night for it! We’ve got a great selection of excellent, thin crust pizzas. Try it, you won’t regret it!

FRIDAY, March 22nd:

Ladies night: Free house pours with mixers for ladies from 9pm until closing!
Fish and Chips night: 30% off Fish and chips all night long! The best in town, ask a Pom!

SATURDAY, March 23rd:

All-you-can-drink Saturdays: Come get your fill this Saturday with our 100rmb all-you-can-drink special (includes draft beer, house pours with mixers and Qingdao bottles) Let’s get it on!

Beer pong tournament: Beer pong is back this week and we’re giving out prizes to the top team. Winner stays on with the challenging team buying the beer (50rmb to fill the cups), the team with the most wins by the end of the night are the champions! A college classic!

SUNDAY, March 24th:

Cheapskate Sundays: Happy hour all night long!
NHL Hockey: TBD

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