Check out Enzo Enzo at La Villa in Qingdao on July 15, 2012. The pop chanteuse is well known all over France and has collaborated with some of the largest figures in the French music sphere. La Villa (拉维拉法国餐厅), recently under new management, is near Shangri-La Hotel on Xianggang Zhong Lu (Hong Kong Middle Road). Call 8388.6833 for more info.

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When: July 15, 2012
Venue: La Villa / 拉维拉法国餐厅
Location: 5 Hong Kong Middle Road / 香港中路5号

More info on Enzo Enzo from Allmusic:

A French singer/songwriter, Enzo Enzo, was born Korin Ternovtzeff in 1960. Her debut as a pop performer began in 1980 with the group Lili Drop. In 1982, after the demise of Lili Drop the year before, Enzo Enzo — known by the name Korin Noviz at this point in time — released her first solo single, “Je Veux Jouer a Tout.” Soon after, two years to be exact, Korin released single number two, but more importantly, began performing and recording as Enzo Enzo. A series of singles, some well received, others not, followed over the next decade, and eventually Enzo Enzo became somewhat of a household name. Her first album, a self-titled affair, hit shelves in 1990, and was followed by another six full-lengths by the time of 2007’s Chansons d’une Maman. In addition to her respectable solo career, Enzo Enzo recorded a number of duets with other leading lights in French pop, including Jacques Haurogne, and landed a nomination in 1998 at the Victoires de la Musique in the Best Female Artist category.

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