English Corner gatherings are an opportunity for people in Qingdao to meet others from all over the world and share experiences. For non native speakers of English, the regular meetings are a good place to practice the mother language of countries including England, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. For native speakers of English, it’s a good place to make friends and learn more about China.

For more info, check out the group English Corners in Qingdao.

One of the more active English corners in Qingdao, the English Corner Club meets at the Almond Cafe in Creative 100 (Nanjing Lu north of Jiangxi Lu) on Tuesday and Saturday evenings. For more info on this particular English corner, check out their Douban page.

Other English corners are found at schools, universities, even McDonalds on Sunday mornings – just look for a group of people chatting in English, or if you look like you speak English, chances are they will be looking for you.

English Corner Qingdao

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