Check out Douban FM (豆瓣FM) for streaming audio of Chinese and foreign music from the creators of the highly popular site The interface is pretty user friendly even if you can’t read Hanzi (characters/汉字) – all you have to do is go to the site and it automatically starts playing music from one of the channels.

Listen to Douban FM here.

Select the style you want to hear on via channels playing music from Europe, US, China … in Cantonese, French, English. This part of the interface is in Chinese too, but clicking around on the different options will allow you to choose from a bunch of music from foreign and Chinese bands.

To listen to rock music by both international and Chinese bands, visit the channel for rock (yaogun/摇滚) – screenshots pictured below – scroll through the channel bars to see all the choices.

Douban Fm Rock Yaogun 摇滚 New Pants

Douban FM

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Douban FM

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