Demerit (过失乐队) performs in Qingdao at the Sailing Club in Kaifaqu, Huangdao district, on July 9, 2011. The show will be the band’s final stop on a China tour before they head to the US for the Van’s Warped Tour 2011. Support for the show at the Sailing Club comes from Jinan band Liu Lian Fa (Fire 6/六连发).

When: July 9, 7 pm
Venue: Sailing Bar / 西海国际俱乐部
Location: Huangdao Kaifaqu / 开发区 (区政府对面广场)
Tickets: Door 40 yuan (RMB), Advance 30
Info: 159.5409.8300

Listen to Demerit on Douban and on Myspace. Watch a promo video for the tour (Walking Out of Fog) on Youku.

The Sailing Club is on the government square behind Ibis Hotel on Changjiang Zhong Lu. From Qingdao, take the Xuejiadao ferry. Check out more info on Huangdao.

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