Such a perfect morning blue sky. Inside the sky is the faintest, most touching moon. It’s crescent shaped. It’s a gentle haze. The photos try to capture it. They do not succeed.

Every once and a while, something appears of a beauty so tender and rare. Long, compound sentences distract from the simple beauty of it.

The beauty of this daytime moon is not just that we can see it. No- also note that the crescent shape also reveals the location of the sun.

Taken with some fresh air, an early morning daytime moon has been proven to vanquish many mental illnesses. The vague white colorings of the moon promote peace of mind. The colorings may be vague, but the peace of mind is sharply defined, like a cool pool of fresh, clean water or fresh clean thoughts.

Daytime Morning Moon Qingdao 1

Daytime Morning Moon Qingdao 2

Daytime Morning Moon Qingdao 3

Daytime Morning Moon Qingdao 4

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