Dama Llamas Got Talent

The Dama Llamas/大妈辣妈 are hosting a rock show on a Saturday night at the Redstar in Creative 100 on October 16.

When: October 16, 8 pm
Venue: REDSTAR / 红星
Location Room 401, Creative 100 / 创意100, 南京路100号, 401
Tickets: 20 yuan RMB, 10 students / 20元 (学生10元)
Info: 135.8320.6332

Here’s the Google translation of the Douban event announcement in Chinese:

Aunt Freaky quiet for a month, 16 this Saturday, we waited nearly a month of miracles to be born, they finally wait any longer ~
Therefore, in order to meet this miracle will be performed directly in the field REDSTAR! ! ! ! Presented by the vat of beer and roadside barbecue hash support!
Thank you … …
So welcome friends ~ 8 o’clock that night, ready to change 20 yuan to support the aunt for you, buy a ticket on the key, you can advance to watch the landing http://www.douban.com/artist/thedamallamas/ Aunt hot mom and download video and photos of past mp3, ask you to give us a big YES ~

Relevant Links:
The Dama Llamas Official Website

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  1. Ah…the never ending fun of Google translations….

    but if it’s presented by beer then it should be a fun event

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