Qingdao is poised to become a well known port for cruise calls, with many ships either stopping over or departing from the Sailing City.

Reviews of the cruise experience have been mixed. China Daily reported that a Chinese couple taking a cruise on the Costa Classica from Shanghai-Seoul-Qingdao paid about 8,000 yuan for the trip and said it was “well worth the money.” A resident foreign national took a cruise on the same ship departing from Qingdao and rated the experience as less than expected, especially in light of prior positive experience on cruises originating in other places, such as Florida in the US.

Check out photos from a cruise out of Qingdao below.

More from China Daily about cruises and Qingdao:

China is turning the busy eastern seaport of Qingdao into the country’s third cruise terminal in order to tap the Chinese middle class’ growing appetite for luxurious ocean travel. Qingdao has already started working on a 1-billion-yuan ($153,846 million) project to build a cruise liner port and relevant facilities.

In the coming two months, 13 cruise liners are scheduled to dock at Qingdao, making it a formal cruise terminal for Costa Cruises’ northeast Asia routes and linking the city with Shanghai and the Republic of Korea (ROK)’s cities of Seoul and Jeju.

Qingdao is the third cruise terminal in China, after Shanghai and Tianjin.

Cruise Out Of Qingdao Port

Cruise Out Of Qingdao Deck

Cruise Out Of Qingdao Crew

Cruise Out Of Qingdao Crew

Cruise Out Of Qingdao Ship

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