Qingdao now seems poised to become the creative marriage proposal capital of China. Two recent proposals (one with carrots, one with dolphins) have captured the attention of international news media, becoming viral videos and stories featured on outlets ranging from Yahoo to the LA Times to the Daily Mail. In both cases, the brides to be were suitably impressed, embarrassed, excited, and willing to marry their beaus.

All of the attention from media sources around the world puts Qingdao in the spotlight as a very romantic destination.

The first one involved 49 dancing carrots on the square in front of the Qingdao Olympic Center (between the 2 main buildings of Marina City shopping mall), which was reported here, here, here, and here.

The latest extreme marriage proposal took place at the Qingdao Polar Ocean World when a man rode a dolphin across a pool to his surprised girlfriend and presented her with a bouquet of 99 roses and a ring. The dolphin proposal video has just started to take off across the net. Watch it here, here, and on CCTV+ here.

Qingdao Dancing Carrots Marriage Proposal

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