Freedom Cuba Live House in Qingdao hosts an “Original Rock Night” with local bands performing on December 24, 2011. The series of informal concerts has taken place at various venues occupied by the Qingdao promoter over the years: from the Tiantai Stadium Free Cuba Bar to sHooters in the Olympic Sailing Center, now Lao Zhang brings his organizational acumen to Taidong.

Freedom Cuba Live House is becoming the premier venue for original live music in Qingdao – check out some Shandong based bands for a rocking Christmas Eve this year. Any and all local performers are encouraged to join the stage; original or adapted compositions in a set of over 3 songs requested by the organizer. The music starts at 8 pm and goes to midnight, with an afterparty to follow. Tickets are 30 yuan RMB in advance and 50 at the door. Call 136.6886.6600 for more information.

When: December 24, 8 pm
Venue: Freedom Cuba Live House
Location: 3 Tongshan Lu / 通山路三号
More Info: 136.6886.6600

Relevant Links:
Map to Freedom Cuba Live House (Chinese)

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