International Children’s Day (Liu Yi Guo Ji Er Tong Jie/六一国际儿童节) is celebrated on June 1 in China. Schools give students the day off from studies, youth organizations organize special activities for children, and parents treat their children to a special day at the park. The Children’s Park in Qingdao is one place that sees a large increase in young visitors on Children’s Day. QINGDAO(nese) contributor Cherie writes about her impressions of the holiday and its meaning for all of us, even adults. Happy Children’s Day!

Childhood is the best moment of one’s entire life. During that time, we live a care-free life, we do whatever we want to do, we eat whatever we want to eat. Wearing a childish expression, there is always a naive smile on our faces. We can cry out anytime when we get hurt or be upset in any situation, because we are young, we are innocent, no one has the heart to blame us. Crying is the most powerful “shield ” we ever have. We could act pettish to adults to ask for something or just to avoid a punishment. I believe that everyone has a unique childhood, it shapes us, it is worth remembering.

Here comes Children’s Day, so what’s your plan? Maybe you haven’t celebrated it since you graduated from elementary school. Indeed, that happens a lot I have to say, and I think it is a big pity. Children’s Day is a great time to relax, to do some stupid, funny things, to allow ourselves to make idiotic mistakes. Don’t you feel tired in your daily life when being as precise as possible to do everything? Doesn’t that standard drive you crazy sometimes? So, here is my suggestion: seize this opportunity, enjoy being an old (or big) child for one day!

There are different origins of the holiday called Lui Yi Ertong Jie in China. Some say that it originated at the World Conference for the Well-being of Children in Geneva, Switzerland in 1925. Others trace the holiday back to the Women’s International Democratic Federation meeting in Moscow in 1949 that announced June 1 as the official day for children. However, the exact date does depend on different countries and different cultures. For example, in Japan, there are three children’s days per year. One is for girls on March 3, another for boys on May 5, and yet another for all children on November 15. Koreans celebrate Children’s Day on May 5, Germans celebrate it September 20. Of course, there are some special activities on these days. Here in Qingdao, many children will go to parks and public squares with their parents to fly kites, eat ice cream, run around, and generally act like little kids. After childhood has passed, there’s still time to make sure that you have a meaningful, happy Children’s Day.

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