Chemical Leek Dumplings

If you are a big fan of Qingdao’s lubao/炉包 (a specialty from the Qingdao suburb, Gaomi) it might be a good idea to fight the craving for a month or so after a large quantity of Chinese chives sold in and around Qingdao have been responsible for more than 20 extreme cases of food poisoning in just the past few days. Chinese chives, or jiucai/韭菜, are similar to leek and a common ingredient in lubao. After the first few cases of food poisoning were first discovered last Friday, just yesterday nine more people checked into Haici Hospital with symptoms of extreme abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea after eating jiucai jiaozi at a restaurant on Renmin Yi Lu. It seems a few of the patients discovered food poisoning symptoms within a half-hour after ingestion. Jiucai has a strong taste and is commonly mixed in with egg in dumplings, and also frequently appears as an ingredient in baozi. This story is receiving a lot of local press, with pics here and here.

Relevant Links:
Photos of Jiucai
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Pics and Story from Qingdao News (Chinese)

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  1. Professor, you also like to eat the spring rolls? How do feel like?

  2. Marcus


    It’s my understanding this round of jiucai/Chinese chive poisoning is linked to some type of phosphorous-based fertilizer or pesticide. Appears in the past they had similar problems with jiucai in the area that were linked to the vegetables being planted in contaminated fields.


    I do also like to eat spring rolls! Usually they make me feel quite normal, but not quite sure how some chemically-contaminated-chinese-chive spring rolls would make me feel. Doesn’t sound like a pleasant feeling.

  3. contaminated leeks and related ground veggies are nothing new, it’s simply a matter of occasionally getting a bit more ‘seasoning’ than usual. the regular overdoses of pesticides etc on these local greens has been confirmed to me off the record by 2 government food inspectors on separate occasions over the past few years. ditto for strawberries, celery, grapes (unfortunately peeling the little guys doesn’t help btw) and other members of the ‘dirty dozen’ food group. though it’s based on produce available in the united states, you can use this as a rough guide if you’re worried about what you eat (anywhere)..

  4. lille

    thanks for the information. To be honest, I always had some stomach problems after eating the jucai baozi. But still not sure its coming from the pesticides or I just can not eat this vegatable.

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