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Qingdao Spring Beach

Only in Qingdao can one go to the beach in March, in a coat, and dig in the sand.

Loft Living in Qingdao

Cool Kaifaqu Loft in Qingdao.

Qingdao Road

Qingdao Road road sign : Qingdao Lu.

Qingdao Photos: Langyatai

Check out a photo of the ocean in Langyatai, part of Qingdao in former Jiaonan district.

Qingdao Photos: Laowai Shags Minibus

Laowai gets free ride on old minibuses in Qingdao. Nice sandals.

Qingdao Photos: La Villa Brewers

Strong Ale brews better beer in Qingdao at La Villa on Hong Kong Road.

Qingdao Photos: Old Jimo Lu

Old Jimo Lu in Old Town Qingdao, circa 1992, courtesy Derek Walter.

Qingdao Photos: Qingdao Sculpture Park

Qingdao Sculpture Park is near the Hyatt in Laoshan district off Donghai Lu.

Qingdao Photos: Da Wei Xmas

Qingdaonese member Da Wei in Qingdao for Christmas.

Qingdao Photos: Multi Coastal

When in Qingdao one is never far from the coast. Check out photos of Qingdao’s coast.

Qingdao Photos Transport Car Dash

Qingdao Photos: Transport

A series of photos taken around Qingdao of various modes of transport, including a Lada taxi and a jeep at the 1st beer fest.

Qingdao Photos: Aerial Da Wei

Check out an aerial shot of the city by QINGDAO(nese) member Da Wei. To contribute your photos of Qingdao, please get in touch.

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