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Paul Collins Beat in Qingdao Photos

Photos of the Paul Collins Beat live in Qingdao.

Hedgehog Live Qingdao Music

Post Hedgehog: Photos

Photos from the Hedgehog show at Downtown Bar on November 23, 2012.

Willy Sonic Calligraphy Music Qingdao

Qingdao Seen: Willy On The Wooden Box

Willy Kotoun plays everything percussive for Sonic Calligraphy, even his seat.

Yannick Rieu Interview Qingdaonese

Interview: Yannick Rieu

Composer/saxophonist Yannick Rieu talks about music, his band’s upcoming tour in China, and a special connection to Qingdao.

Post Beijing Beatles Qingdao New York Club

Post Beijing Beatles

The Beijing Beatles played at Club New York on April 22, 2011. Here’s a short lo-fi video excerpt from the night’s performance.

8 Questions Qingdao Music - ReTROS Live at Redstar

8 Questions: Qingdao Music Scene

Qingdao is well known around the world for beer, what about the music scene?

Li Zhi Post Review Qingdao Music

Post Su Yang & Li Zhi

A review of the Su Yang & Li Zhi show in Taidong on April 2, 2011 from a Qingdao based Austinite.

Interview Travis Taylor Blues

Interview: Travis Taylor

Australian blues musician Travis Taylor shares his experiences playing music in Qingdao.

Free The Birds

Post Free The Birds

Free The Birds played a short and sweet set at the Redstar on January 15. Watch a video excerpt here.

Helen Feng Free the Birds

Interview: Helen Feng

Helen Feng of Free the Birds talks with Redstar about her band, music in China and more, prior to a show in Qingdao on January 15.

Interview The Big Picture

Interview: The Big Picture

The Big Picture performs in Qingdao on December 18 at Redstar’s MAX10 Music and Art Exposition. Check out an interview with band leader Mikael.

Tectonic Quartet Video Qingdao LIve Music

Post Tectonic

Check out a video of The Tectonic Quartet at the Redstar 401 in Creative 100 on October 23.