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Snowprints Huangdao Qingdao

Huangdao Snowprints

Photos from Huangdao: Snowprints of Man, Beast, Machine.

Metro Huangdao Opening Image Beijing Metro City Weekend

Metro Opens in Huangdao

Get your bleu cheese, German pijiu, and much more at Metro (Mai De Long/麦德龙) in the Development Zone.

YCIS Qingdao International School Huangdao Campus

YCIS Qingdao Opens New Huangdao Campus

Yew Chung International School (YCIS) celebrated the opening of a new school in Huangdao on October 21, 2011.

Full Moon Qingdao October Kaifaqu

Full Moon Over Kaifaqu

The experience of Life was optimal. We tried to figure out how to improve on things…

Huangdao Qingdao Golden Sand Beach

Qingdao Itinerary: Huangdao Weekend

Check out a suggested weekend itinerary for Huangdao Kaifaqu across Jiaozhou Bay from Qingdao.

Qingdao Hash House Harriers

Qingdao Hash House Harriers 7.09

The Qingdao HHH head to Silver Beach in Xuejiadao (Huangdao) on July 9, 2011.

Dead Bird Caught in Net in Qingdao Laoshan

Bird Up

Yesterday on the front page of Qingdao’s Morning Newspaper (Qingdao Zaobao/青岛早报) was an article about the illegal trapping of birds.

The Mickey D's Blues

The Mickey D’s Blues

KFC thrives in Kaifaqu while McDonald’s is nowhere to be found on the Huangdao side of the bay.

Beach Huangdao Qingdao

Huangdao 114

Get the 114 on the Huangdao area, including Kaifaqu and Xuejiadao in Qingdao’s Development Zone.

Golden Beach Music Festival Huangdao Xuejiadao 2010

2010 Golden Beach Music Festival 9.03-05

The 2010 Golden Beach Music Festival is happening September 3-5 in Xuejiadao, Qingdao.

Huangdao Tunnel News

Tunnel Vision: Qingdao to Xuejiadao

Finally an end in sight, the major digging and construction on the Qingdao-Xuejiadao sea tunnel is done and it will be fully operational in 2011.

Colorful Spit Huangdao - Art Show - Junko Sumino

Colorful Spit 4.16–23

Junko Sumino is holding a personal show of her paintings at the best place for cultural gatherings in the Kaifaqu, Kafei 8 Bar and Cafe.