Buena Vista Social Club

On Sunday, January 17 at Freeman there will be a free screening of Buena Vista Social Club, the Wim Wenders 1999 film about the recording of the album of the same name, produced by Ry Cooder and featuring legendary Cuban musicians Ibrahim Ferrer, Juan de Marcos Gonzalez and Compay Segundo. The documentary footage in Cuba was shot entirely on DV and then transferred to film, with some of it captured on mini DV by Cooder’s son Joachim, who also plays in the band. In addition to the scenes in the studio and on the streets of Cuba, there is also live concert footage of performances in Amsterdam and New York to round out the film. An award winning documentary that brought well deserved worldwide fame to Havana’s once forgotten musical masters.

When: January 17, 3 pm
Venue: Freeman Cafe, Jiangxi Lu
Info: 158-5321-1877

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  1. seabass

    damn I would have loved to have seen that. I will see if Youku has it.

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