Look out Qingdao, here come American style yellow school buses to Qingdao. The headline at China Daily touts “Bigger nose means bigger safety for Qingdao school buses”.

The maker of the Chinese version of buses called a classic of everyday design, Zhengzhou based Yutong, claims there are no blind spots for the driver. Seats are smaller and come equipped with a belt – hopefully these will be used as designed, making the safety conditions of the big yellow school buses even better.

What do you think – do bigger noses mean bigger safety?

More information from China Daily

The Qingdao municipal government plans to allocate special funding to purchase the world-class school buses produced by Zhengzhou Yutong Group Co, Ltd, to guarantee students’ safety. Qingdao’s traffic and transportation department is also organizing a team of school bus drivers responsible for trial runs. The big-nose school bus has a classic western-style appearance with the highest safety rating of all school bus products in China. The application of an enclosed ring structure around the body ensures excellent impact resistance to guarantee students’ safety. In addition, the 360-degree vision span leaves no dead angle for the driver. The bus’s seats are designed smaller than those of ordinary buses in consideration of children’s height, and each seat is equipped with a seat belt. The buses are to be given trial runs in the second half of this year.

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