The CBA regular season ended on a relative high note for Qingdao Double Star last weekend when they beat Stephon Marbury’s team Shanxi Zhongyu, bringing their final win loss record to 7 and 25 (ouch!). This marks the second year in a row for Qingdao Double Star to finish at the bottom of the pack, second to last this season. Standouts this year included Chris Williams, a solid player who deserves more support from the rest of the team, and Reggie Okosa, a late addition who previously played in Korea. Chinese players who shined in an otherwise dismal year were high scoring Chen Kai, straight shooting Zhao Anan, and valued utility player Sun Shengyue. Sabah Khoury, a newcomer from Lebanon who joined the Eagles in 09-10, played well in limited minutes, which may be attributed to CBA limitations on the amount of time foreign players can be on the court each game. Next up are the CBA playoffs, good luck to all the teams good enough to make it to the postseason play. For Qingdao Double Star, there’s always next season. Here’s the final standings from this year and the postseason playoff brackets. Shuangxin Dui, Jia You!

CBA Standings

Team Name (Wins – Losses)
1. Guandong (30-2)
2. Xinjiang (27-5)
3. Zhejiang G.L. (26-6)
4. Shanghai (25-7)
5. Liaoning (21-11)
6. Jiangsu (20-13)
7. Fujian (17-15)
8. Bayi (15-17)
9. Shandong (14-18)
10. Zhejiang C. (14-18)
11. DongGuan (13-19)
12. TianJin R. (11-21)
13. Jilin (10-21)
14. Shanxi Zh. (10-22)
15. Beijing (8-24)
16. Qingdao DS (7-25)
17. Shaanxi (4-28)

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Stats and Image Credit @ Asia-Basket

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