Author: Redstar

Capitan Tifus Live Qingdao Music

Capitan Tifus 9.28

Capitan Tifus performs at Cape 3 in Qingdao on September 28, 2012.

Qingdao Pub Crawl 3 10 2012 Red Star

The Great Qingdao Winter Pub Crawl 3.10

The Great Qingdao Winter Pub Crawl organised by Red Star in Qingdao on March 10, 2012.

Helen Feng Free the Birds

Interview: Helen Feng

Helen Feng of Free the Birds talks with Redstar about her band, music in China and more, prior to a show in Qingdao on January 15.

Interview The Big Picture

Interview: The Big Picture

The Big Picture performs in Qingdao on December 18 at Redstar’s MAX10 Music and Art Exposition. Check out an interview with band leader Mikael.

Peter Scherr Interview Live in Qingdao Music

Interview: Peter Scherr

Check out an interview with musician Pete Scherr about the upcoming Tectonic Quartet show in Qingdao.