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Qingdao Artist: Da Mao

Da Mao (大猫) is an artist from Qingdao. Check out some of her works.

Hisense Arena Melbourne Australia

Hisense Arena in Melbourne

The Hisense Arena in Melbourne promotes the Qingdao based company’s brand overseas.

Qingdao Photos Portraits Wedding

Qingdao Photos: Portraits

A series of portraits taken in and around Qingdao.

Old Qingdao Train Station German History

Qingdao Photos: German History

Qingdao’s short history has seen quite a lot of international influence. Check out some old photos and postcards of Qingdao from back in the day.

Study in Qingdao

Qingdao is a great place to study subjects ranging from Mandarin to Marine Biology. Get more info on the major universities of Qingdao.

Joz? Whatever

A regular contributor to QINGDAO(nese) wonders, “Am I the only Joz in the world?”

Chen Danqing 1.15

Chen Danqing is considered a master of contemporary painting in China. See his works in Qingdao at Ertong Park’s Shao Nian Gong.

If Not You, Then Who?

Catch a rising star at the Qingdao Theater this January 1 – 3, 2010.

Christmas Spirit

As Christmas arrives, it is a time for reflection and helping others. Find out about acting locally.


Affordable Oil Painting (AOP) is the name of a sales event and exhibition taking place at Creative 100. Find out more.

Reading Is Fundamental

The Qingdao Library’s newest wing has a nice selection of foreign language textbooks, novels, and reference books, along with plenty of imported magazines and newspapers. Read more about reading in Qingdao.

Da Mao Painting Wedding Clown in Water

Peninsular Painters

Qingdao is home to many talented painters. View some images and get info on the artists, museums, and more.