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Daytime Morning Moon Qingdao

Daytime Morning Moon

Such a perfect morning blue sky. Inside the sky is the faintest, most touching moon. The photos try to capture it. They do not succeed.

Qingdao Water Season Full Stream

Qingdao’s Water Season

The life of the mountains in Qingdao is deeper than most people assume… right now, we are in the midst of Water Season.

Artistic Stone Creations Qingdao

Artistic Stone Creations

Up in the mountains most of the people breaking rocks (dashitou) are from Linyi.

Lingshanwei Parade Monkey King

Qingdao Photos: Lingshanwei Parade

Of all the wonderful places in Qingdao, Lingshanwei Town is one of the classics.

Li Jia He Village Qingdao Mountains

Walls and Doors of Li Jia He

The mountainous region of Xiaozhushan is an unappreciated wonder of Qingdao. Usually people have never heard of it.

Shan Shen Mountain Spirits Qingdao

Shan Shen, The Mountain Spirits

Shan Shen, the mountain spirits are said to watch over the mountains.

Market Day Xiao Zhu Shan Qingdao

Market Day

Thoughts on the outdoor market tradition fading away: “The old ways will be gone, and probably very soon.”

Terrace Farming Mountains China Shandong Xiao Zhu Shan Huangdao Qingdao

Terraces of Xiao Zhu Shan

Check out some info and photos of the historical terraces of Xiao Zhu Shan in Huangdao Development Zone of Qingdao.

Snowprints Huangdao Qingdao

Huangdao Snowprints

Photos from Huangdao: Snowprints of Man, Beast, Machine.

Shandong Tong Gars on TV

Shandong Tong & An Obstacle Course

Gars is off and running, but not before breaking into song about Shandong, natch.

Qingdao Cloud Line Gar Kerbel XiaoZhuShan DaZhuShan

The Cloud Line

The mountains of Qingdao are barely large enough to be called mountains…

Qingdao Typhoon 2012

The Typhoon in Qingdao

It’s good to respect typhoons. If you show them proper deference, they will be good to you.