Author: Da Wei

Qingdao coastal blues marina yachts

Qingdao Photos: Coastal Blues

Da Wei went for a walk in Qingdao and took these photos, circa July 2016.

Qingdao Photos: Beaches by Da Wei

Check out these photos showing Beach Number 1 in Qingdao, taken in the morning and the afternoon from the same spot.

Qingdao Governors Mansion bridge postcard

Qingdao Photos: Then and Now I

Check out a before and after comparison of Qingdao photos, h/t Da Wei.

Qingdao Pier Old Postcard

Qingdao Photos: Historical B/W

A set of images showing Qingdao (Tsingtau) from when the city was being built by kuli and administered by representatives of Germany.

Qingdao Photos: Qingdao Sculpture Park

Qingdao Sculpture Park is near the Hyatt in Laoshan district off Donghai Lu.

Qingdao Photos: Da Wei Xmas

Qingdaonese member Da Wei in Qingdao for Christmas.

Qingdao Photos: Aerial Da Wei

Check out an aerial shot of the city by QINGDAO(nese) member Da Wei. To contribute your photos of Qingdao, please get in touch. Relevant Links: Qingdao Photos

Qingdao Photos Da Wei Then Now Strand Hotel Now

Qingdao Photos: Da Wei – Then/Now I

A series of then and now images of Qingdao: Former Strand Hotel and Post Office/Postal Museum.

Qingdao Seen Da Wei Qingdao Marina

Qingdao Seen: Marina City Blue

Another blue skies day in downtown Qingdao at the Olympic Marina.

Qingdao Seen Da Wei Qingdao Coast May 4 Square

Qingdao Seen: All Along The Coast

Qingdao’s iconic coastline by Qingdao resident Da Wei.