Author: Daohaus

New Youth: Ren Zhong Yuan 1.12 – 2.12

Ren Zhong Yuan exhibits paintings at Liangyou Books in Qingdao from January 12 to February 12, 2014.

Qingdao Artist Leah Wong Papercuts: Evening Crew

Qingdao Artist: Leah Wong Papercuts

Qingdao artist Leah Wong has been gaining attention with her latest body of work consisting of three dimensional papercuts.

Woodcuts Exhibition Liangyou Books Qingdao

Woodcuts @ Liangyou 1.27 – 2.27

Check out an exhibition of historical woodcuts at Liangyou Books in Qingdao from January 27 to February 27, 2013.

Pan Wenyi Painter Qingdao Liangyou Books Exhibition

Pan Wenyi 12.23 – 1.20

Check out an exhibition by Qingdao painter Pan Wenyi at Liangyou Books from December 23, 2012 to January 20, 2013.

Qingdao Photos Jane Frances Mini Green Electric Car Olympic Center

Qingdao Photos: Jane Frances

Images from Jane Frances of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center and a private beach in Yangkou, Laoshan.

New Youth Qingdao Artist Li Lan

New Youth: Li Lan 7.7-31

Check out paintings and sculptures by Qingdao artist Li Lan in Qingdao from July 7 to 31, 2012.

Qingdao Artist Zhu Xianwei Art China

New Youth: Zhu Xianwei 5.19-31

Paintings by Qingdao artist Zhu Xianwei at Prince Henry Hotel in Qingdao from May 19 to 31, 2012.