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Qingdao Photos: Lao Doors

Yesterday a friend took us out to Laoshan – here are the doors in the village near the coast.

Laowai Lei Feng in Qingdao Beach Shore Trash Pick Up

Learn From Lei Feng, Laowai Style

Foreigner helps clean up shore in Badaxia, Qingdao. Check out the reaction.

Qingdao Expo and Tsingtao Beer

Qingdao Expo, Tsingtao Beer

Qingdao Beer sets up shop at the Qingdao Horticultural Expo.

Qingdao Photos: Historical Parking

Qingdao Photos: Hunan Lu

Qingdao Aviator Pluschow Rumpler Taube Underside

The Aviator of Tsingtao – Part One

John Ross, author of Formosan Odyssey and You Don’t Know China, shares insight about Gunther Plüschow.

Janette 2014 Qingdao Horticulture Expo Bin Hai

Qingdao Photos: Janette Drives By Expo

Check out a photo of the Expo front taken from the Bin Hai Highway in Laoshan, Qingdao.

Qingdao Ren Lao Zhu is an actor

Qingdao Ren: Lao Zhu

Lao Zhu, aka Zhu Jianguo, is an actor from Qingdao.

DJ Josh Qingdao Music

He Is A DJ (Qingdao Style)

Here’s a night shot of DJ Joshua at the Downtown Bar in Qingdao.

Arteffect Qingdao Online

Download back issues of Arteffect Qingdao online before they disappear.

Qingdao Photos: Multi Coastal

When in Qingdao one is never far from the coast. Check out photos of Qingdao’s coast.

Qingdao Seen Winter Blues

Qingdao Seen: Winter Blues

Check out these 2 local hipsters jammin’ in the park in Qingdao.

Ren Xihai Liyuan Photos 10 Qiuxian Lu

十 (Ten/Shi) 11.02

十 (Ten/Shi) is an exhibition by photographer Ren Xihai on display at Sonospace Books in Creative 100 on November 2, 2012.