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Aerial Qingdao Map Auction 1910 Germany

Qingdao Aerial Map Auction

Auction sale of Qingdao Aerial Map from German colonial days.

Ocean University Students Charity Books China

Ocean Uni Students Work For Good

A group of college students studying in Ocean University of China in Qingdao volunteered in Xi’ji, Ningxia.

Qingdaonese on Mobile Phone iPhone Qingdao

Qingdaonese Seeking: Writers / Photographers

Join the team bringing Qingdao to the world on the web.

Qingdao Ceremony Flags ROC USA

Tsingtao Fiction

A bit of historical fiction stretching back to the time of US Marines in Qingdao by Buzz Harcus.

Haier Qingdao

Haier Rules Again

Qingdao-based multinational Haier ranked 1st by Euromonitor for 4th year in a row.

China Mobile

Qingdao Testing Ground for 4G

Huangdao Development Zone lends itself to 4G testing.

Qingdao Port

Maersk sets record at Qingdao Port

Qingdao Port is booming right along, just ask Maersk.

Qingdao Laoshan Island

Qingdao Plans Island Park

Qingdao planners go full speed ahead with plans for more tourism outlets outdoors.

Qingdao Horticulture Expo 2014

Qingdao Expo 2014

The International Horticulture Expo will be held in Qingdao from April to October 2014.

Laoshan Sunrise

Tunnel To Connect Jimo-Yangkou Thru Laoshan

Proposed tunnel to connect Yangkou and Jimo would blast through Laoshan for the Blue Silicon Valley project.

Haier Qingdao

Haier Revenue and Profits Up from 2011

Haier is making the buku bucks, based right here in Qingdao.