Pantomime is a British tradition often performed around Christmas. A children’s rhyme or popular story is made into a pantomime by adding songs, dances, slapstick humour, audience participation, local jokes, and,of course, cross-dressing and you could be the perfect actor/actress for parts in this years play! Cinderella is shaping up to be an exciting play that combines fun, entertainment, laughter and excitement.

Saturday, November 14th, Bring your dancing shoes, your singing voice, and alter your egos! The Qingdao Pantomime equally divides all profits into two categories:half will pay for next year’s show; and half will go to a local charity group.

Participation is needed on all levels. Not only do we need actors/singers/dancers, we need all the help we can get behind the scenes,too! So, even if you just want to help in a small way–you are an important part of the show’s success.Please contact for other ways to get involved.

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