All the way from Inner Mongolia, the blues band Assorted Supermarket (Shíjǐn Chāoshì/什锦超市) will appear at the Owl Bar on August 15 at 8 pm. View videos of the song My Dog Name Is Jimmy and the band performing live at the ’08 MIDI Music Festival.

Listen to Assorted Supermarket on Myspace.

When: August 15, 8 pm
Venue: Owl Bar (sHooters) / 猫头鹰酒吧
Location: Olympic Center Bar Street / 奥帆中心酒吧街
Tickets: Pre Sale 25, Door 30 yuan (RMB) / 预售25, 现场30元
More Info: 136.6886.6600

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Assorted Supermarket on Myspace
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