Antidote – Reptile & Retard 4.30

Coming to the Owl Bar in Qingdao on April 30th, Antidote presents the Scandinavian electro duo Reptile and Retard.

When: April 30, 9:00 pm
Venue: Owl Bar / 猫头鹰酒吧
Location: Olympic Center Bar Street / 奥帆中心酒吧街
Tickets: 30 yuan (RMB) / 票价: 30元
More Info: 136.6886.6600

More info on Antidote from their Neocha page:
The Antidote group now includes 7 full-time members and 10 part-time DJs, with rotating and special guests. We play these styles of music — live electronic, electro, minimal, mash-ups, electro-punk, dance rock, dubstep, drum and bass, synth-pop, 8-bit, Detroit-style techno, acid house, African, Indian, Bhangra, IDM, ghetto-pop, trip hop, industrial, underground hip hop, indie rock/post-punk, etc. Often our mixes include songs we produce ourselves. We don’t play mainstream house or hip hop, and we don’t compromise with our music — no requests!

More info on Reptile and Retard from their Myspace page:
“They possess dynamics only preceded by a couple of redneck siamese twins fighting over a warm beer. The young Scandinavian electro duo Reptile and Retard have but one cl.. There’s an idiot in all of us, you just have to set it free. Mads DK and Esben Valløe not only saturate your hunger for repetetive beats and aggressive leads. They also provide a full-blown show inspired equally by Jim Morrison and Justice. They promise that their groovy beats will find a way to your legs as the vocals caresses your ears, resembling those tunes of the past. They call it Techno Soul.”

Listen to Reptile and Retard on Myspace.

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  1. Luke

    Looks very intriguing! The hard part is convincing the other American teachers to come with.

  2. Billy

    @ Luke:
    Damn dawg, you know it don’t even matta! Head up there by yo damn self! You know is gon be krunk!

  3. Luke

    @ Billy:
    Yo, Billy boy, youz go back ta Texas, no shootin’ bee hives here yo, a’ight?

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