Adventure Duck is an amphibious vehicle offering tours on land and water around Qingdao. The colorful bus/boat can be seen around the Fushan Bay near May 4th Square and the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center.

Get more information and watch a short intro video on their website or by calling 8097.2888 in Qingdao.

Adventure Duck also has a Youku channel with more videos around Qingdao.

More info on the Adventure Duck

Australian Adventure Duck Pty Ltd has developed a new generation of amphibious vehicles specifically designed for the tourist market and rescue recovery applications. These amphibious vehicles have been operating in the calm waters of Australia’s tourism capital, the Gold Coast, for more than nine years and have an excellent safety record. Built and designed in Australia, these vehicles are the most advanced of their kind in the world and offer an impressive list of features including:

• Fibre Glass Vehicles will comply with Loyds Register.
• Complies with Uniform Shipping Laws Code Class 1E
• One of the fastest amphibious vehicles ever built with a top land speed of
• 100 kph and a water speed of 7 knots
• 12.4 metres long
• 2.5 metres wide
• 1.5 metres deep
• Gross weight of 13 tonnes
• Hull and Superstructure can be constructed in Aluminium or Fibreglass
• Stainless steel marine stern drive and propeller
• Diesel engine
• 4 wheel drive vehicle
• Full suspension all around
• Dual rear wheels for additional stability and safety
• Driver steers from front, centre of vehicle
• 200 litre capacity fuel tank
• Produces minimal wash
• Hydraulic steering by joy stick
• Navigation, communication and mooring equipment on board
• Facilities comply with life saving and fire fighting standards
• Dual bank of batteries for back up system
• Vehicle complies with all Australian design standards
• All mechanical items available off the shelf world wide
• State of the art sound and PA system
• Fully covered roof including roll bars for crew and passenger safety
• Plastic roll-down or pull-down curtains
• Access steps fold down at rear of vehicle
• Comfortable padded seating
• Accommodates up to 48 passengers and two crew
• Numerous optional extras
• Passengers enjoy unobstructed views
• Fully carpeted and soundproofed
• Vehicles can be adapted for emergency services and rescue applications

Adventure Duck in Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center

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Photo Credits @ Copyright Alexandra Nosach

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