Qingdao documentary filmmaker Lin Zimo presents “A Day In The Life Of A Qingdao Person” at Liangyou Books in Qingdao on March 23, 2013. Lin’s videos have previously been screened at Sonospace. The films are a plain attempt to record simple everyday Qingdao life for posterity. “A Day In The Life” focuses on ‘Auntie Zhao’, a mapseller near the Zhan Qiao Pier. Liangyou is at 5 Anhui Lu (corner of Guangxi Lu, one block off the coast near Zhan Qiao Pier), connected to the Jiaozhou Post and Telecom Museum.

When: March 23, 2013
Venue: Liangyou Books
Location: 5 Anhui Lu / 安徽路5号

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