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Qingdao Hash House Harriers 7.23

July 22, 2011 in Events

The next Qingdao Hash House Harriers run is July 23, 2011 – meet at Crowne Plaza 2 pm. This marks run number 233 for the Qingdao Hashers. This week the drinkers with a running problem are headed to Laoshan, Shazikou. From the Qingdao HHH official website: “Here in Qingdao, every week the Qingdao Hash House Harriers jog, walk, crawl and run a 60 to 90 minute fun run. They follow a trail marked with flour laid out by “hares” which ends at a “Down Down” circle.” See below for details.

When: July 23, 2 pm
Venue: Meet at the Crowne Plaza, 76 Hong Kong Middle Rd.

More info from the Qingdao HHH:

Dear Hashers,

Here are the details of this week’s run:

Run No. 233 – Saturday July 23, 2011 – on on to Shazikou

Hare/s: Pleases the Court (Sarah) and Jenn Fantasia
Costs: RMB 10 for bus and beers + an additional RMB 30 for Dinner = Total RMB 40 for both or just RMB 10 for bus/beers if you are not having Dinner!
Meeting Place and Time: The main group will meet at Crowne Plaza at 2 PM for a 2:15 SHARP start. We will take bus #104 to the start of the run in Shazikou

Laoshan District Residents will meet at the Qingdao Theatre (Da Ju Yuan) bus stop on Hong Kong Road across the street from the Qilin Best Western Hotel between 2:20 – 2:30 PM. The hares will be there to meet you. This group will then board the same bus as the main group and we will all head to Shazikou together. If there are any questions about transport, feel free to call Pleases the Court at 158 6685 7292 or Well Hung Jury at 138 6423 3658 to coordinate.

Receding Hareline:

Run No. 237 – August 20: Out of town Hash special in Yangkou, hares: Pleases the Court & He Jie, special advisor – Well Hung Jury
Run No. 238 – August 27: Come on guys…..

Planned Aug. & Sept. out of town specials:

August: Please see above
September: Sausage Fest in beautiful Jimo, dates/details to be announced.

Want to volunteer for haring? Know someone who wants to hare? Please contact our Hare Raiser “Well Hung Jury” by email.

On On !!

Well Hung Jury & Team
Hare Raiser/Trail Master – Qingdao Hash House Harriers

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2011 Qingdao International Marine Festival 7.23-8.10

July 22, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The 2011 Qingdao International Marine Festival opens July 23, 2011 with a concert and ceremony at Tiantai Stadium. Performers include China’s most famous Super Girl, Li Yuchun, and Korea’s latest teen pop sensation Wonder Girls. The annual Marine Fest (also referred to as the Ocean Festival) has become a fixture on the summer event schedule in Qingdao. This year’s festival takes place at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center adjacent to the Marina City shopping complex on Aomen Lu and runs for 18 days.

More info from China Daily:

The 2011 China Qingdao International Marine Festival will kick off at Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center in Shandong province on July 23.

According to Wu Tiejun, assistant mayor of Qingdao’s municipal government, the 18-day festival will include 31 different activities of six categories: ocean culture, blue economy, navy shows, maritime sports, ocean science and ocean tourism. During the marine festival, four air travel routes will open in Qingdao. Tourists have the option of taking the newly introduced Eurocopter AS350 helicopter to get to the festival.

China Qingdao Marine Festival, co-organized by the General Administration of Sport of China, State Oceanic Administration, National Tourism Administration, Chinese Navy Headquarters and the Qingdao municipal government, is the only ocean festival in China. “China Qingdao Marine Festival has become one of Qindao’s many festival brands, which promotes the city to the rest of the world,” said Zang Aimin, director of the United Front Work Department of the CPC Qingdao Municipal Committee.

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2011 INTERBUILD Qingdao 7.21-24

July 7, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The 7th China Qingdao International Building & Decoration Materials Exposition (Interbuild Qingdao 2011) will be held at the Qingdao International Exhibition and Convention Center from July 21 to 24, 2011. As China’s building boom continues, the Interbuild expo in Qingdao is an important event for contractors from across the globe seeking to either source or sell products in the biggest market in the world.

What: 2011 Interbuild Qingdao
When: July 21-24, 2011
Venue: Qingdao International Convention Center / 青岛国际会展中心
Location: 9 Miaoling Lu / 苗岭路9号

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Photo Credit @ Natural Building (UK)