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Classical Guitar Weekend 6.03-5

June 4, 2011 in Events, Music

A series of concerts and master classes on classical guitar at Qingdao Haibin Beach Garden Hotel in Qingdao from June 3 to 6, 2011. Performers and teachers include He Qing, Xie Qianlong, Patrick Vacik and Matej Freml (known as Siempre Nuevo) and master guitar maker Kenny Hill.

See full schedule of concerts and classes below.

When: June 3 – 6, 2011
Venue: Qingdao Haibin Beach Garden Hotel / 青岛海滨花园大酒店
Location: 4 Zhanghua Lu / 彰化路4号
Tickets: 150 yuan RMB (380 for 3 day pass)
More info: 158.2008.2875

Full Schedule of Concerts and Classes


  • June 3, 7 pm He Qing, Xie Qianlong
  • June 4, 7 pm Patrick Vacik & Matej Freml
  • June 5, 7 pm Kenny Hill, Ho Ching and special guest


  • June 4, 9 am Ho Ching Lecture on Fernando Sor
  • June 4, 1:30 pm Kenny Hill Lecture on guitar making
  • June 5, 9 am Patrick Vacik & Matej Freml Master Class

Classical Guitar Qingdao He Qing

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See Unsee 6.01-06

June 3, 2011 in Events, Photos

See Unsee is a photography exhibition in Qingdao from June 1 to 6, 2011. The works of Wang Han Jun and Wang Ye are featured at Nemo Hostel in Qingdao’s old town near the old Ocean University campus area very close to the Camel Xiangzi Museum for Lao She. The hostel is at 14 Huangxian Lu.

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G.A.D.A. Beach Party 6.04

May 26, 2011 in Events, Music

G.A.D.A. presents a beach party in Qingdao at Cape No. 7 on June 4, 2011. The beachside venue in Badaguan on Zhanshan 5 Lu, in the area known as Taipingjiao near Beach Number 3, is named after a famous movie. Find Cape No. 7 just south of Cafe Roland. Go anywhere do anything is the explanation behind the acronym representing the hosts of this party. DJ Miki and others will spin Dubstep and warm electro music. Entrance fee of 30 yuan includes a pijiu.

When: June 4, 10 pm
Venue: Cape No. 7
Address: Zhan Shan Wu Lu
Tickets: 30 yuan (RMB)
Info: 6888.8068, 186.7891.0712

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Dragon Boat Festival 6.06.11

May 26, 2011 in About Qingdao, Events

The 5th day of the 5th lunar month on the Chinese lunar calendar is Duan Wu Jie/端午节. This year, 2011, it falls on June 6. There will be a 3 day national holiday in China from June 4 – 6. This traditional observance is popularly called Dragon Boat Festival in English, a holiday made famous by the colorful, long boats raced in Chinese communities around the world each year. Duan Wu Jie involves the legend of the poet Qu Yuan (Chu Yuan/屈原), who committed suicide by jumping into a river – thus the local villagers attempt to distract the fish by beating the water and throwing in food such as zongzi, a signature feature of Duan Wu Jie. Qu Yuan is seen by some as the inspiration for lyrics in Pink Floyd’s The Wall.

Enjoy the holiday – have some zongzi and wish all your friends in Qingdao, “Duan Wu Jie Kuai Le – 端午節快乐“.

The main food eaten on the holiday are the sticky rice dumplings (zongzi/粽子) that have been likened to a kind of Chinese tamale. Zongzi are a triangular shaped bit of sticky rice wrapped in leaves such as banana or lotus. Popular fillings for zongzi include date, peanut, or pork. Some people try to balance an egg on end at noon on the day of Duan Wu Jie – doing so is supposed to foretell good fortune in the coming year. Another tradition often seen here in Qingdao is the placement of Acorus and Artemisia on the outer doors or windows to act as an insect repellent in what is dubbed a “poisonous month” by Chinese farmers.

It has been suggested that the origins of Dragon Boat Festival may be found in ancient dragon worship as well as an agrarian society’s marking of time, since Duan Wu Jie occurs near the summer solstice and is a time to harvest the winter wheat. Whatever the provenance of Dragon Boat Festival, it continues to be an important annual milestone on the Chinese calendar.

Enjoy the holiday – have some zongzi and wish all your friends in Qingdao, “Duan Wu Jie Kuai Le – 端午節快乐”.

More info on Dragon Boat Festival

The day of the Dragon Boat Festival is infused with the colors and the lingering scent of incense and festival foods permeates the hot summer air. this is the day of “Double Fifth”, which corresponds to the period around the summer solstice (June 21).

The festival was originally an agricultural festival to appease the dragon god of the river; however, it later became a festival to commenorate Qu Yuan, a patriotic poet. Today the Dragon Boat Festival is widely celebrated, especially in Southern and Central China, with river parades, dragon boat races, and rice offering of Zongzi.

The day of the Double Fifth is characterized by the struggle between the dual force of yin and yang as the waxing yang reaches a culminating point with the arrival of the summer and the yin principle, symbolizing darkness and dampness, comes fully into play. Because the Dragon Boat Festival is in the hottest month of the year, evil vapors abound being considered the most “poisonous.” Every attempt is made to harmonized both the yin and yang so that the diseases could be avoided. “Five poisons” and “Five Colors” are considered the most powerful and protective pratices.

Of various images of healers and exorcists that make their annual appearance on the day Double fifth, the most popular are pictures of the monster-scholar Zhong-Kui.

Dragon Boat Duan Wu Jie Zongzi

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Jacky Cheung 6.05

April 26, 2011 in Events, Music

Jacky Cheung (Zhang Xue You/张学友) performs in Qingdao at the Guoxin Arena on June 5, 2011. One of the Cantopop Four Heavenly Kings, Jacky is a Hong Kong based singer and actor with a strong following in China and Japan. He sings in Mandarin and Cantonese. Jacky’s hit songs include Goodbye Kiss (Wen Bie/吻别), which in 2006 was remade into the hit song Take Me To Your Heart by Michael Learns to Rock and Yi Lu Shang You Ni (一路上有你) from the Goodbye Kiss album.

When: June 5, 7.30 pm
Venue: Qingdao Sports Center Guoxin Arena / 青岛体育中心国信体育馆
Tickets: 180-1680 yuan (RMB)
Info: 5557.3637

Another extremely well known melody sung by Jacky is Zhu Fu (祝福). Listen to this song and others on Baidu mp3. Using the Hong Kong spelling of his family name, Cheung (Zhang/张) has performed duets with Sarah Brightman, Reba McEntire, Sandy Lam, and Wang Fei (Faye Wong). Truly a superstar in Chinese music, Jacky Cheung is a prolific artist with multiple hit records to his name, and a frequent live performer who last visited Qingdao in 2007. Tickets range from 180 to 1680 yuan (RMB) and can be purchased online or by calling 400.610.3721.

Zhang Xue You

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