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Sound Fragment at Lennon 12.20

December 7, 2009 in Events, Music

In a prelude to the event packed Christmas eve craziness, Sound Fragment (Shengyin Suipian) is scheduled to play at the Lennon Bar (20 Zhuhai Lu near the Eastern Municipal Hospital, Shi Li Yi Yuan) on December 20th at 8pm. Tickets are 50 yuan (limited VIP ducats going for 120 yuan), available at the venue and at select locations around town. To watch a promo video, listen to the band and get more info, see relevant links below.

Tickets are available at:

Xueyuan Bookstore (2 locations)
Gaomi Lu, 8281-3237
Quanzhou Lu, 8592-7703

At Creative 100
Sonospace (Bu Shi Shudian)
100 Nanjing Lu, 8080-9565

Longshan Underground Market
29 Jiangsu Lu, Xiao Cheng Zhi Chun, 120 Jiangqu, 137-0898-5840

Lennon Bar
20 Zhuhai Lu, 8589-3899


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