The 2nd GADA (Go Anywhere Do Anything) Beach Rave Party is at Cape No. 7 on August 12, 2011. The beachside venue in is the Taipingjiao area of Badaguan on Zhanshan 5 Lu, near Cafe Roland and Beach Number 3. DJ Miki and others will spin Dubstep and warm electro music. Entrance fee of 30 yuan includes one beer.

When: August 12, 9 pm
Venue: Cape No. 7 / 海角7号酒吧
Address: Zhan Shan Wu Lu / 湛山5路
Tickets: 30 yuan (RMB)
Info: 6888.8068, 186.7891.0712

GADA is a Qingdao Electronic Music Party Activity started by DJ Miki and DJ Fil in 2008.

DJ Roster for August 12:

  • 21:00-23:30 DJ Ghettochen 昆明(Kunming) Funky House/Deep House/Acid House/Hiphop
  • 23:30-02:00 DJ Miki 青岛(Qingdao)IndieDance/Dubstep/Drumnbass/Tech House
  • 02:00-??:?? DJ Kenny 广州(Guangzhou) Electro Hhouse/Tech House

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