Check out the 3rd annual Qingdao International Sailing Week. The events and activities include matches, boat exhibitions, and educational displays (forums, courses, and more) on sailing, Qingdao, and the Olympics at the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center. Major regatta events include the Mayor’s Cup (August 29 to September 4) and Lushang Cup (August 18 to 24).

Get more info including course maps of the regattas from the Qingdao International Sailing Week official site.

Last year the Mayor’s Cup Qingdao International Sailing Regatta went from Qingdao to Dalian. For 2011, the regatta goes from Qingdao to Weihai and back (including a stop in Rushan). More info on the Mayor’s Cup here in a pdf download (including rules, schedule and course routes). The 2011 Lushang Cup Qingdao International Regatta will stay closer to Qingdao – download the rules, prize monies, and course maps here.

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