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Dama Llamas 1.09

January 9, 2010 in Events, Music

The Dama Llamas rock the house with support act from Yantai, Anger Bottle. This is a FREE show at the Allen’s Story Bar on Minjiang Lu (just east of the Jazz bar).

When: January 09, 2010, 9 pm
Venue: Allen’s Story Bar, 206 Minjiang Lu
Info: 135 8320 6332
Chinese Name and Address: 阿伦故事酒吧 闽江路206号

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MoLlamaFunkWar 1.30

January 8, 2010 in Events, Music

A couple Huangdao Kaifaqu acts added to the bill: Silas Lang plus a new incarnation of the Dukes, with Gar, Yue Cheng, Pei, Zhang Ming Chen. Still only 15 yuan (RMB) to see 6 local musical acts. Info: 135.8320.6332.

A Qingdao bandapalooza this month: The Battle Of The Bands at the Redstar on January 30 including Dama Llamas (大妈辣妈), The Molice, BuTFuNK, and Victorious War (胜战), with more TBC. Each band will play a maximum 30 minute set from 7 pm onwards. Last year’s Battle was packed to the rafters with hundreds of local punters, so it’s best to arrive early and stake out your seat on the circular stairs in the Redstar office. Not to be missed, this is one of the coolest musical events of the year.

When: January 30, 2010, 7 pm
Venue: Redstar, 100 Nanjing Lu, Creative 100, 3-401
Tickets: 15 yuan (RMB)
Info: 135 8320 6332
Chinese Info: 乐战乐勇演唱会 南京路100号 创意100产业园 3-401

Band info (courtesy Neil Bhullar):

The Molice

This group have been playing around town and have been regular features at REDSTAR’s Unplugged open mic night for the last year. The foursome, hailing from Japan, are an eclectic mixture of heavy metal guitar solos and late 60s-early 70s pastiche, with Morimoto Norikazu’s ripping, effects-laden riffs lying an odd background to Mori Eiji’s subdued, relaxed vocals.

Victorious War

Taidong heavy metal stalwarts, Victorious War are perhaps more recognisable as the team behind the Rolling Stone Music Store, and when they are not rocking Qingdao to its core (though by their own admission they haven’t played a great many live shows lately), they are providing the town with its premier source of high-end music equipment, and using their lofty musical skills to educate the younger generation in the ways of shred guitar solos and the double bass drum. Kudos for keeping the dream alive, put your bull horns in the air for this quartet of well-arranged and locally renowned talent.


Probably the most talented band on display, BuTFuNK is the latest project of long-term expatriate, Marc Montebello (formerly lead guitarist with The billKillers), a group whose perpetually rotating members have included almost every expat (and almost every local) in town that claims to be a musician. This is a group for whom the emphasis is on producing a perfect sound, no matter which genre they are replicating. The combination of Montebello’s unsurpassed phrasing, with recent arrival Russell Clinton’s fluid basslines and Kel’s vocals, and perennially performing Liang Dong, a drum instructor at Qingdao Calvin Modern Music School, is one of the local music scene’s most awe-inspiring experiences. You’ve probably listened to them adding to the atmosphere at Freeman Cafe, but we wholeheartedly hope that they steal the show on 30 January.

The Dama Llamas

“Pisspot Punkers,” whose, “Fratrock peppered with wah-wah riffs,” has been making ripples across Shandong recently return to REDSTAR Live after supporting Canada’s Hollerado and Immaculate Machine on their China tours last month. An odd mix of hip-hop, math rock, screaming and wacky guitar noises to greet the less-sober members of the audience.

In association with… Rolling Stone Music Store 滚石琴行
Guitarists looking to purchase equipment in town are advised to check out this store, a store that doesn’t deal in non-genuine items, that stocks a range of locally-produced Epiphones and non-locally produced Marshall equipment, and whose staff have ties to Beijing should the guitarist in question be unable to find what they’re looking for here.

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Guantao Gentrified

January 8, 2010 in About Qingdao

Last weekend I went out to Guantao Lu and took a few pictures. The renovation plans for this area go back quite a bit as the German heritage in Qingdao is being preserved and marketed for tourism. The part of the city that I recently visited is a stretch of Guantao Lu north of Zhongshan Lu. This area used to be something like Qingdao’s Wall Street and financial center. There is still the old exchange building there which appears to be empty at the moment. After a Hash House Harriers run, we once had a look inside. It’s a cool building in need of some upkeep. There’s also the old Danish consulate in the area as well.

I think the area could use a proper beer garden and then it would bring some more German spirit to the area

There has been some mixed reaction from the German community here because the area consists of buildings that were built after the Germans had already left Qingdao. Still, Guantao Lu is basically a nice part of town and it’s worth the stroll up Zhongshan Lu. I think the area could use a proper beer garden and then it would bring some more German spirit to the area, and I also hope that they restore more old areas of Qingdao, especially the pre-1914 buildings.




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January 6, 2010 in About Qingdao

Mymai bills itself as the coolest gift shop in Qingdao, and that’s a pretty accurate calling card. The only official outlet for Plastered T-shirts in Qingdao (and all of Shandong), Mymai is on the ground floor of Creative 100, near the Almond Cafe at Building 3 entrance (next to The Book Nook). Other items on offer here include original authentic music cds and dvds from foreign and Chinese artists, including hot sellers Ziyo, Playmaker, and more. Now stocking C Rev hip bags and lots of other sweet gifts only to be found in China, and in Qingdao, only at Mymai.

Sign up for up to the minute My Mai news by emailing




Where: Mymai, Room 109, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu
Info: 139-0639-0437

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Plastered T-shirts Images Credit Renao888

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Traditional Treasures

January 5, 2010 in Arts, Events

For the rest of January, there will be a Chinese Traditional Painting Exhibition at the Qingdao Municipal Museum on Meiling Lu in Laoshan District. The exhibition includes works that have been certified as “National Cultural Treasures” making their first appearance in Qingdao. The Shanghai Museum had its experts carefully restore more than 40 paintings and part of the collection on display include works shown over the past decade at the National Palace Museum.

When: January 1-31, 2010
Venue: Qingdao Municipal Museum 27 Meiling Lu
Info: 8889-6286
Chinese Name and Address: 青岛市博物馆, 崂山区梅岭路27号

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Qingdao Double Star vs. Tianjin 1.06

January 5, 2010 in Events, Sports

Hometown hoopsters Qingdao Double Star Eagles take on Tianjin Rongcheng at Qingdao University Arena, January 06, 2010. Tickets available at venue. More Info: 8268-4351.

When: January 06, 2010 (7:30 pm Tip Off)
Venue: Qingdao University Arena
More Info: 8268-4351

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Zhang Chu & Xishan Laoyao 1.15

January 4, 2010 in Events, Music

Zhang Chu (张楚) will appear on January 15 at the Qingdao Concert Hall with special guest Xishan Laoyao (西山老妖). This show will carry a homecoming feel for both Zhang Chu (who lived here in the past) and the lead singer of Xishan Laoyao Band ( Qingdao native). The audience will see Zhang Chu perform his locally inspired songs Sunflower and Seaside here in Qingdao for the first time, and this is Xishan Laoyao’s first gig in Qingdao after being formed in Beijing by Lao Yao. Expect a large turnout and a night of sentiment for local heroes.

When: January 15, 7:30 pm (Doors Open 7 pm)
Venue: Qingdao Concert Hall
Tickets (RMB): 380 yuan /280 yuan / 180 yuan
Info: 136-6886-7325, 8297-2871


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Concert organized by Beijing’s Tree Music and Qingdao’s Kadenza Art & Media in cooperation with Yellow Rock China.

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Post If Not You

January 4, 2010 in Arts

The play If Not You, Then Who? finished a run of 3 shows in Qingdao last night. The show was sold out every night, with the audiences especially loving the funny interludes of the Qingdaohua speaking characters. What short video excerpts of the show below. Thanks to Marcus Murphy for this video.

Video Credit Qingdao Shanshui Adventures / Marcus Murphy

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BUDDY(nese) Sneak Peek

January 2, 2010 in About Qingdao

BUDDY(nese): a medium for interaction in Qingdao.

A new way to interact with QINGDAO(nese), a revolutionary act for the Qingdao area that will change the way you use the Internet is coming soon.

Stay tuned….

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Post 70′s Exhibition

January 2, 2010 in Arts, Events

Support the arts this holiday season at a celebration of artists born after 1969, the so called post 70′s generation (qi ling hou). Works exhibited by local creative figures including Wang Yu, Shen Yu Qian, Li Lan, Zhang Xiao Yu, Lv Nan, Cui Jian Jun, Zhu Lei, Qu Le Le and many more. This event lasts only 10 days, so please don’t miss a chance to support local artists.

When: December 25, 2009 – January 3, 2010
Venue: Qingdao Art Museum, 7 Daxue Lu / 青岛美术馆大学路7号
More info: 136.6886.7325





Image credits (1) Zhu Lei, (2) Wang Yu, (3) Lv Nan (main), (4) Post 70′s Artists

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If Not You, Then Who?

January 1, 2010 in Arts, Events

If Not You, Then Who? is the English name of a Chinese language stage production coming to Qingdao this January 1st to 3rd, 2010. The literal translation of this play’s Chinese name (不作你,作谁?) is “Not Do You, Do Who?

Sponsored in Qingdao by Kadenza Art and Media, the drama deals with the sexual and emotional tensions of a couple of Chinese IT college students and the girls that change their lives forever in modern day China. The play is notable for its strong language and has been well received in Beijing and Shanghai by the post 70′s and post 80′s generation, as the script incorporates a lot of internet and pop culture memes. There is a lot of topical humor and improv, and the shows in Qingdao are sure to include some riffs on local language and customs. Catch a rising star at the Qinghua Theater (formerly named the Qingdao Theater) this winter. See more info in the Dec 09 (No. 5) Arteffect.


Venue: Qinghua Theater, 12 Linqing Lu
Tickets: 100 yuan, 80 yuan, 60 yuan (RMB)
More info: 8297-2871, 8281-8181

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